Russian-speaking accountant in Seattle, WA

Akopyan CPA is offering its services in two languages, English and Russian. Some members of our team have a Russian background, and the Russian language is their native language.

Yuriy, the founder of Akopyan CPA, is Russian speaking accountant. He spent around ten years living in Moscow, where he worked as a senior accountant. He knows very well Russian aspects of accounting and bookkeeping as well as English accounting.

Our Russian speaking clients

Our Russian-speaking clients work in different industries, such as truck drivers, IT consultants, investors, retail, so we are confident we can provide a high level of services regardless of the language you speak and your business area.

Bookkeeping Services in the Russian language

Some of our clients are doing part of their records in the Russian language, for example, in Excel spreadsheets. It may be a convenient way to do business for our clients, but we have to file it in English when preparing a year-end tax return. For such clients, when doing bookkeeping and accounting, we will translate the required documents and enter them into accounting software such as Quickbooks, Caseware or Profile at no additional charge.

The areas we provide our services

Akopyan CPA is a Seattle-based accounting firm, but we serve our clients all around GTA. Most of our Russian-speaking clients come from Seattle and the surrounding areas, a large Russian-speaking community. The rest of the clients come from throughout Washington, especially Bellevue.

Looking for a Russian-speaking Accountant?

If you are looking for accounting services in the Russian language, Akopyan CPA is the right place to go. We are experts in Accounting and Bookkeeping, and we speak Russian. Give us a call or send a message. We are happy to explain what we can do for you and how we can help your business thrive. (206) 838-3800 —

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