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The Akopyan Group, CPAs P.S. is a Seattle-based firm that will treat you like family.

We provide accounting expertise and proactive guidance to help you make the most of your business.

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We handle your books so you can focus on running your business. With our timely financial reports, you’ll always know where things stand.


Get strategic with our Business Owners Package: It’s like having a part-time chief financial officer dedicated to helping you grow.


From direct deposit to W-2s, we take away your payroll headaches—and give you and your employees convenient electronic access.


Your business impacts your personal taxes, too. We eliminate surprises and ensure your returns are aligned to minimize your tax liability.

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I wonder if I’m getting everything right with my company’s books.

Your time should be spent managing your business instead of spending hours fighting with the numbers. We’ll give you those hours back. Learn more.

I feel like I don’t really understand the financial side of my business.

Our Business Owners Package gives you the complete picture—so you know exactly where your business is today, and where it’s going tomorrow. How it works.

I’m always frustrated with payroll. I need a better way.

With our convenient cloud-based portal, all you need to do is enter your employees’ hours. We’ll take it from there—and take away your worries. Learn more.

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