I have no box D or Control Number on my W-2

A Control Number (box D) is used by many payroll departments to uniquely identify a W-2 in their system. If your W-2 doesn’t have one, it’s no big deal. You can simply leave it blank.

If you get errors when attempting to e-file with an empty box D, just enter any number in this format: 5 digits, space, 5 digits (for example, 12345 67890). The IRS doesn’t care what’s in box D because its use by payroll departments is optional.

On the other hand, if you’re trying to import your W-2 and you are asked for a Control Box D, and you don’t have one, select Skip import and manually enter your W-2. You won’t be able to import using the 5 digit + space + 5 digit solution for e-filing.

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